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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Day After

I have a second job interview on Monday morning for a company I interviewed with this past Tuesday. But then at 4:30 on my way home from work, I got a call and got ANOTHER second interview with the OTHER company I interviewed with this week (on Wednesday). I've been trying to get a job for six months and never even got a second interview, and now two interviews, out of the blue, that both resulted in second interviews!! WOW! Who would have thought! Now... to get through the interviews and get an offer!!

You know, I was hoping to have the rest of the year off, to decompress.... If I'm lucky enough to get an offer, or dare I say two?? I wonder if I'll have to start in December or if I can begin Jan. 2?? I would really like some time off! :)

OK, getting a little carried away. Isn't it funny how fast things turn around though?? Yesterday, no job offers to get me out of the mortgage business, today, two second interviews for next week. It's a holiday week... aren't people on vacation? :) I'm glad they're not..... :)

The other thing I want to post is that last night, Matthew and I were watching TV and I was laughing and laughing and laughing (as was he, but he always does). I hadn't realized HOW long it had been since I really laughed, even when we would watch something funny... but as I was, it dawned on me and I was sad that I have let my current job effect me, especially at home, for as long as I did! The COOL part was that Matthew, saw me laughing, and came over, and gave me a hug and said, "You're happy and laughing! I like it!" It had been way too long since I decided to let work roll off my back! I can relax and be happy again, especially at home with Matthew who deserves my best! My job never used to effect me this way, but the last 'while' (maybe even a couple of years!) has really been bad, and getting worse, so unfortunately, it did effect me in ways I didn't ever want it to! It's in the past now! Time to move on. Praise the Lord! :)

I am cold in my house, and Matthew is camping tonight. I think he's nuts, but I hope he's having fun. He enjoys it, and this camping trip is local, so he's only about 5 miles from home, or so. It seems like they are in the middle of nowhere, but they are actually right next to a major highway, or maybe two! I think that's funny.

Is everyone voting for your favorite food? Inquiring minds (mine!) want to know!

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