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Friday, November 9, 2007

Fri-dee nite

I love Friday nights! They are always good... this one is especially good. This week was SO bad, (at work), that makes nights at home, especially Friday night at home, all the better! Yeah!

I am enjoying the comments you all are leaving! Thanks. :)

My mom are dad are coming to visit tomorrow. my brother will come for the day as well. We will celebrate his birthday, which was last week. I still need to make the cake... my mom is bringing the cake pans. I only have 13X9 pans, and he likes the round, double decker cakes... so I have to borrow the pans. It may still be warm when we're eating it, but that's OK. :) He will go home tomorrow night, but my parents will stay until Monday a.m. They'll be back again next Saturday and stay through Thanksgiving weekend. I'm hoping to take some time off while they are here. We'll see how that works out!!

I only put up a few more decorations tonight for Christmas. They were all in the one box that I brought up last night, I just didn't finish it all last night. Now I can take that one down tomorrow and bring up the next one. :) I have a LOT of Christmas decorations... it takes a LOT of time to put them ALL up.

Well, no more news on the adoption today, or this week. I guess I'm not expecting to hear anything for a while, unless they have an updated time frame at this point. I'm excited to continue hearing the stories of those who are there now, and J and M leave next week. Yahoo!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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